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Ally Invest API Documentation

Build your application to connect to our investment platform and the 250,000 traders connected to it.



This short example will show you how to authorize your own account against the API and make requests. Note that we aren't following a full OAuth flow here because as a developer you already have access to your own access token and secret.

This example makes use of Scribe OAuth library for Java which requires that we define a TradeKingApi class that extends the DefaultApi10a class provided by Scribe.

package com.tradeking;
import org.scribe.builder.api.DefaultApi10a;
import org.scribe.model.Token;
public class TradeKingApi extends DefaultApi10a
     private static final
String AUTHORIZE_URL = "";
     private static final String REQUEST_TOKEN_RESOURCE = "";
     private static final String ACCESS_TOKEN_RESOURCE = "";

     public String getAccessTokenEndpoint()
          return ACCESS_TOKEN_RESOURCE;
     public String getRequestTokenEndpoint()
          return REQUEST_TOKEN_RESOURCE;
     public String getAuthorizationUrl(Token requestToken)
          return String.format(AUTHORIZE_URL, requestToken.getToken());

We can then use the TradeKingApi class to instantiate an OAuthService and Token to make requests against the API.

package com.tradeking;
import org.scribe.builder.*;
import org.scribe.model.*;
import org.scribe.oauth.*;
public class TradeKingClient
     private static final String CONSUMER_KEY = "0cc175b9c0f1b6a831c399e269772661";
     private static final String CONSUMER_SECRET = "ff2513194e75315625628304c9eb66e8";
     private static final String OAUTH_TOKEN = "150a96573adf12b21dab621e85497e6e";
     private static final String OAUTH_TOKEN_SECRET = "5c7b57d450a71d378a5eda991f809e56";

     private static final String PROTECTED_RESOURCE_URL = "";

     public static void main(String[] args)
          OAuthService service = new ServiceBuilder()
          Token accessToken = new Token(OAUTH_TOKEN, OAUTH_TOKEN_SECRET);

          // Now let's go and ask for a protected resource!
          OAuthRequest request = new OAuthRequest(Verb.GET, PROTECTED_RESOURCE_URL);
          service.signRequest(accessToken, request);
          Response response = request.send();


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