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Ally Invest API Documentation

Build your application to connect to our investment platform and the 250,000 traders connected to it.

GET market/timesales{.format}


This call will return time and sales quote data based on a symbol passed as a query parameter (see query parameters below).

Authentication Required
Yes OAuth 1.0a
Query Parameters
a single symbol to search on (symbol parameter is required)
the requested interval of data to be returned: 5min, 1min, tick (5min is the default)
rpp the number of requests per page (only valid for the tick interval, 10 is the default)
index the record offset when requesting paginated data (only valid for the tick interval)
startdate begin date for the range of data between this date and enddate (startdate parameter is required)
enddate end date for the range of data requested between start date and this date (enddate parameter is required)
starttime start time for intraday data requests
Example URL

Data Fields

Data Fields
Data Tag Description
date Date
datetime Date and time
hi High Trade Price
incr_vl Volume of trades
last Last trade price
lo Low Trade Price
opn Open trade price
timestamp Timestamp
vl Cumulative volume

Special Considerations

Multi-day data requests
Time and sales data is available on a rolling 5 day basis. To access multi-day time and sales your request should include a startdate parameter. An enddate parameter can optionally be used to request a date range. If an enddate parameter is not included with the request, the response will include data up to the current day and time.

Intra-day data requests
By default, all requests are considered to be intra-day requests. All intra-day data is returned when 1min and 5min intervals are requested beginning at market open. To offset the data returned to a time other than market open, the starttime parameter can be used. Because the number of ticks could be very large (particularly for a symbol with a lot of volume), the data is paginated. Through the use of the interval and rpp parameters, intraday tick data can be accessed.

The datetime field will indicate the start time of an interval (for example: 09:25 will represent the interval from 09:25 to 09:30).

Partial data
When intra-day requests are made with 1min and 5min intervals while the market is open, the last record will contain partial data until the next interval begins.

Request Example

GET /v1/market/timesales.xml?symbols=AAPL&startdate=2012-04-06&interval=1min HTTP/1.1
Authorization: OAuth
Connection: close

Response Example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<response id="7b80be33:136982a9fda:-5598">


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