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Ally Invest API Documentation

Build your application to connect to our investment platform and the 250,000 traders connected to it.

Response Structure


Responses will follow a general structure for all calls. This structure includes a response wrapper with data aggregates inside of the wrapper. Whether the format is XML, or something else, the general structure will remain the same.


The default response format for all requests will be XML. You can optionally pass in the format parameter in the URI alternate values to receive different response formats. We currently support the following formats:

  • XML (.xml)
  • JSON (.json)
  • JSONP (.jsonp, including a callback parameter i.e accounts/balances.jsonp?callback=myFunction)

We hope to add new response formats over time. If you have a suggestion about a new format we should support, let us know.

Response ID

There is a unique identifier as an attribute of the response block that is recorded by our servers and sent to you for your records. In case you need support on a request or response, you can send this unique identifier to us and we’ll be able to trace your messages.

XML Response Example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<response id="77cf30da:12df25c7074:-7ea6">

JSON Response Example

    "response": {
        "id": "77cf30da:12df25c7074:-7ea0",
        "accountbalance": {
            "account": 12345678,
            "accountvalue": 67119.41,
            "buyingpower": {
                "cashavailableforwithdrawal": 66177.48000000001,
                "daytrading": 264709.84,
                "equitypercentage": 100,
                "options": 66177.48000000001,
                "soddaytrading": 264709.84,
                "sodoptions": 66177.48000000001,
                "sodstock": 132354.96000000002,
                "stock": 132354.96000000002
            "fedcall": 0.0,
            "housecall": 0.0,
            "money": {
                "accruedinterest": 0.0,
                "cash": 66134.67,
                "cashavailable": 0.0,
                "marginbalance": 0.0,
                "mmf": 0.02,
                "total": 66134.69,
                "uncleareddeposits": 0.0,
                "unsettledfunds": 0.0,
                "yield": 0.0
            "securities": {
                "longoptions": 0.0,
                "longstocks": 57.39,
                "options": 0.0,
                "shortoptions": 0.0,
                "shortstocks": 0.0,
                "stocks": 57.39,
                "total": 984.72

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