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Your End-of-Lease Options

What to know when returning your leased vehicle

Getting Ready

It's time to let go

We know you're excited to get behind the wheel of your next vehicle, so we've streamlined the lease-end process.

To minimize surprises, we'll help you estimate mileage overages, excess wear charges and any remaining amounts you owe before you visit the dealership. Keep in mind that you may owe early termination charges if you decide to return your vehicle early.

This checklist will give you an overview of the process so you can get started.

Return Your Vehicle Checklist

Other Lease-End Options

If you want to buy your vehicle instead of returning it, this quick guide will walk you through the steps.

If you need more time before returning your vehicle, you can send us a secure message from Ally Auto Online Services or call us at 1-888-925-2559 to discuss your options.


On the road again

Everyone loves a scenic drive once in a while, but if you've driven more than the allowed mileage in your lease agreement, we may charge you for the excess. To calculate your excess miles, subtract the total allowed mileage (including any miles you purchased) from the actual mileage on your odometer.

Here's how to calculate the potential charge:

Excess Miles x Per Mileage Charge (from lease agreement) = Potential Excess Mileage Charge Excess Miles x Per Mileage Charge (from lease agreement) = Potential Excess Mileage Charge Excess Miles x Per Mileage Charge (from lease agreement) = Potential Excess Mileage Charge

If you took a few cross-country roadtrips during your lease, you may want to consider keeping your vehicle .

Excess Wear

Skip the surprise

During the course of your lease, your vehicle will begin to show signs of normal wear, such as reduced tire tread depth. Your vehicle's condition may result in potential excess wear charges or charges for missing parts you may owe when you return your vehicle.

You can evaluate your vehicle for excess wear by using our Wear Square as well as reviewing the information below or the Dings and Dents table (PDF 2 MB). You can also view our video to learn more about excess wear.

The Wear Square

We'll mail you a Wear Square as you near the end of your contract. You can also print your own Wear Square (PDF).

What to Know About Excess Wear


Just a quick checkup

A third-party inspection company we hire will inspect your vehicle for excess mileage and wear, typically within 5 days of returning your vehicle. View a sample inspection report.


  • You can view your vehicle's inspection report
  • You can also pay for an independent inspection – see your lease agreement for details
  • You'll receive a letter detailing what you may owe for excess wear and mileage, as well as any late charges and past-due amounts
Illustration of a car with callouts to different possible lease end problems: Dents, cracks, tread wear, scratches

Your next vehicle

Cruise on to your next car or truck

Once you've picked out your next vehicle, we can help you decide whether to lease again or choose a different financing option if your circumstances have changed. Now is a great time to consider one of our other vehicle financing options and enjoy the new car smell.

Buy a Vehicle

Customize your ride and drive as much as you want with a new or used vehicle.

Lease a Vehicle

Get a newer vehicle more often with fewer maintenance concerns.


We have answers

Still have questions? Visit our Help Center.

Keep Your Vehicle

Buying your vehicle gives you all the benefits of ownership, such as the freedom to make alterations or get a custom paint job, and you won't need to worry about paying excess wear and mileage charges.

Before you decide, you'll also want to be sure this car or truck fits your future lifestyle. Consider changes in your commute, future travel plans and your family's needs.

The process is straightforward:

  • Check your lease agreement for your specific terms and the purchase option price you'll need to pay to buy the vehicle
  • Call us at 1-888-925-2559 to let us know you've decided to buy it, and remember to schedule an appointment with your dealer to finalize your purchase
  • Pay the purchase option price plus any applicable taxes, fees and other unpaid amounts
  • If you need to finance this amount, ask your dealer if you qualify for Ally financing, which provides complete ownership and no restraints on mileage or wear

Vehicle Return Checklist

Use this checklist to keep track of your lease-end tasks before returning your vehicle to the dealership.

Get a quote

  • From Ally Auto Online Services, select Request a Quote to estimate any remaining balance
  • This estimate won't include excess wear or mileage charges, and it may not include other charges, such as daily extension fees, early termination fees, unpaid summonses and taxes

Excess mileage

  • Refer to your lease agreement for the mileage you agreed to when you signed your contract, including any additional miles you purchased
  • Compare your current mileage to what's allowed on your lease agreement
  • If your odometer reading is higher, we may charge you for the excess

Excess wear

Use the Wear Square to get an idea of any excess wear charges you may need to pay after you return your vehicle.

Before visiting the dealership

Contact your local GM, Chrysler Group LLC or the original dealer to arrange to turn in your vehicle. Remember to bring all original equipment, including:

  • Keys, including extra sets
  • Keyless entry remotes
  • Navigation system DVDs
  • DVD player
  • DVD remote
  • Headphones
  • Cargo covers
  • Third-row seats
  • Original documents, including owner's manual
  • Contact your DMV to determine if your state requires you to return your license plate at lease end

At the dealership

  • Sign an odometer statement to document current mileage as required by federal law
  • Pick out your next ride and ask your dealer if you qualify for Ally financing

After turn-in

  • Tell us when you returned your vehicle by sending us a secure message from Ally Auto Online Services or calling us at 1-888-925-2559
  • Review the letter we send detailing any remaining amounts you owe
  • If your license plate is registered in Massachusetts, Connecticut, or Rhode Island, we’ll send you correspondence about the status of the license plate
  • Enjoy your next roadtrip